Commit to your wellness and stay Zen and Fit through the holidays!

November 21st - December 31st


When you practice yoga once or twice a week (or less), it's almost as though you're starting over each time. The mind is busy, the body is stiff and it takes a while to get back into your groove.

When you increase the frequency of your practice, you start to notice a cumulative effect not just on your body but on your ability to quiet your mind, and on your general well-being.

Join us on a 40 Day Yoga Challenge and stay zen and strong through the holiday season this year!




The goal is 40 yoga classes in 40 days - or as many as you can take within that time.

To participate, sign up at the SoulPlay reception or email us at

From November 21st to December 31st, we will keep track of how many classes each participant takes on a leader board at the studio.
You get 1 smiley face sticker on the board for every class you attend!

Can't make it to class one day? Take 2 classes in one day! We offer a wide variety of classes so you can restore when you need to, sweat when you need to or meditate when you need to sit and quiet down.

The 3 participants with the most stickers on the board will win the challenge prizes, but really everyone wins - the more yoga you have in your life, the better you'll feel.


The main prize is that you get to feel the benefits of a daily yoga practice and finish the year taking care of yourself. Once you begin to feel the shift in your body and mind, our hope is that you'll turn this challenge into a habit! The 3 challenge participants who attend the most classes in 40 days will receive:

FIRST PLACE:  A 3 month unlimited yoga membership ($360 value)

SECOND PLACE:  A 1 month unlimited yoga membership ($150 value)

THIRD PLACE:  $50 of store credit at the SoulPlay gift shop

Memberships can be used by the winner or can be gifted to a friend or family member. If you are on a class package, you can use your unlimited yoga prize, and your class package will kick back in once your membership expires. If you're on a membership, get your next month (or 3) free! 

Add a 10 Day Post-Thanksgiving Superfood Cleanse to your Holiday Challenge!


We are excited to announce that as support for your yoga challenge, we've invited fellow SoulPlay yogi Melinda to coach us through a  10-day organic/GMO-free superfood cleanse!  Her company is based here in California and has been safely and effectively helping people upgrade their nutrition and overall health for the last 24 years. 

You will:

✔️  Diminish your sugar cravings, alkalize and lower acid in the body
✔️  Drastically improve sleep and increase energy
✔️  Lose 5-20 lbs safely
✔️  Lower inflammation (Sports injuries, aches/pains, GI issues, etc.)
✔️  Not be juicing or starving = you will get to eat! 

If you're not ready to commit to a full cleanse but are in need of a reset, worry not! Melinda has superfood nutrition programs for everyone: kids, pregnant/nursing moms, serious athletes and seniors!


If you would like more information or if you'd like to join the 10 Day Superfood Cleanse on December 1st (that can be done from the comfort of your home), please email and we'll connect you with Melinda who will be your guide & coach.

You can participate in the yoga challenge, the superfood cleanse or both!