SoulPlay Yoga is a light-hearted community studio in Culver City, CA. Our mission is to help you move your body, transform your mind and create your peace through conscious and playful yoga. We love to play, get a little weird and not take ourselves too seriously. We offer many different styles of yoga in two non-heated studios. 
We also offer a full range of wellness and spa services including massage, acupuncture, reiki, skincare, ayurveda and physical therapy, in partnership with expert practitioners – hosted in serene and private rooms in the back of our newly expanded studio.


Diversity & inclusiveness. Our studio is one of the most diverse yoga communities in Los Angeles and we proudly welcome yogis of every age, shape, ethnicity, sexual expression/orientation and physical ability.
We like to approach the practice of yoga (and life) with playfulness and courage.
We like yoga that is creative and sometimes outside the box, to show you new ways to move and build awareness.
Learn to breathe better so you can handle life (and LA traffic) with more grace.
Believe that you can achieve anything you want if you keep showing up for yourself (ideally with a sense of humor).

We ask you - what makes your soul play? And we invite you to discover new layers of depth and joy each time you step on the mat.



Sprinkled with funky transitions, arm balances, inversions and unique approaches to sequencing, our classes get you out of your head and shower you with opportunities to challenge yourself so you can break through your own perceived limitations.


Our instructors bring their own creative authenticity to their classes, each with a unique way of communicating the essence of yoga philosophy and inspiring a connection to its deeper teachings that have the power to transform your life.


We care about your goals, your journey, your holistic health and your practice. We are committed to creating an environment and offering services that nurture your growth, your healing, your self-care, and your safety.


We value restoration and rejuvenation. So we infuse our studio and classes with opportunities for you to wind down and find stillness in more introspective, quiet practices. To find energetic rejuvenation through acupuncture, reiki, sound, or crystal healing. And to allow deep full body relaxation and rejuvenation of the circulatory system through massage.


SoulPlay is a diverse community of people of all fitness levels, ages and abilities sharing a comfortable, non-pretentious, non-competitive, supportive space. This is home.


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