Naomi Uchida-Boas is a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner and Massage Therapist. She is the owner and lead practitioner at HEAL Ayurveda in West Los Angeles, and is a Teaching Clinician at her alma mater, the Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU) in Whittier, California.

She began her journey into Ayurveda a decade ago and personally experienced its profound healing power. She is passionate about empowering individuals with the tools to live optimally through nutrition, herbs, lifestyle and therapeutic body treatments.

She treats a wide array of conditions, including digestive, skin, stress, anxiety, pain, hormonal and musculoskeletal.

Consultations and Treatments

Initial Consultation - A complete health and wellness evaluation utilizing Ayurvedic diagnostic tools, including Dosha assessment, followed by development of an individualized herbal, dietary and lifestyle protocol to bring the body, mind and soul into balance.

Herbal Consultation – A condensed version of the Initial Consultation for those seeking streamlined herbal advice for a specific condition.

Abhyanga Massage- A gentle and relaxing full body massage utilizing warm, classically formulated herbal oils to reduce stress, pain and inflammation, release toxins and increase lymphatic flow, while working on the subtle energy layers of the body to enhance spiritual connectivity.

Back/ Neck/ Knee/ Eye Treatment – Ideal for local pain and inflammation in these areas, this treatment involves the use of warm herbal oil (or ghee for the eyes) contained in a ring of dough poured over a specific area of the body. Followed by local massage and steam, this treatment has proven effective over thousands of years to reduce pain through facilitating blood flow and healing to the affected area.

 Appointments: Sundays @ SoulPlay Yoga

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