How Teachers Became Teachers - Jules Hogan


When she was a young actress starting out in New York City, Jules was invited to join her friend at a hot yoga class. While she loved to sweat and was an avid gym-goer at the time, the classes were a bit pricey and frankly didn’t smell too great.

Eventually, she found herself on a tour in Cleveland performing a show every night, which left her with entire days to fill. Remembering how much she enjoyed the classes in New York, Jules soon found a local studio and began spending most days practicing yoga. Her practice didn’t really become a habit until she moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and started working the front desk at GODA Yoga (which would become SoulPlay Yoga in 2016.) This allowed her to take classes for free, and soon her practice blossomed, eventually putting her on the path to becoming a teacher.

When she wasn’t going on auditions, Jules worked as a nanny and taught musical theater, jobs she always loved because she got to spend time with children. Which is why when the owner of the studio she was volunteering at mentioned she should explore teaching yoga to kids, Jules jumped at the thought.

Combining two things she loved, Jules quickly took a training program and before she knew it, she was teaching 500-600 kids a week at various camps and schools around town.

“Even though I wasn’t acting anymore, I was still able to hold a room in a way that was similar to performing," she says. "Plus, anyone who’s worked with kids knows that good teaching requires a certain level of performance, so in the end I was able to find a deeper level of fulfillment through teaching yoga than I had found in the entertainment industry.”

She soon expanded her teacher training to include adults and has taught thousands of kids and adults across the Los Angeles area over the last ten years.