Off the Mat with Jules


When she began her journey with yoga, Jules was a young aspiring actress in New York City and didn’t have any intention of becoming a full-time yoga teacher in Los Angeles. Over the last fifteen years, through both practicing and teaching yoga, she’s realized the practice has given her a greater awareness and objective lens on her life. 

“Through my practice, I now have an awareness of what needs to shift in my life,” she says. "That doesn’t mean I’m always successful with the shifts, but it always starts with that awareness.” In addition to some big shifts, yoga has given Jules access to her inner confidence that was always being second-guessed as an actress. “I used to really be concerned with what everyone thought of me, and now I find myself liberated from that.”

Teaching yoga to kids has also allowed her to use her natural playfulness and improvisation, tools she honed for years in the arts. “When I teach I get to hold a room, which is what I loved about acting,” she says. "The difference is now I get to hold a room and feel like I’m making a difference."