Why I Teach - Jules


Like any good teacher, Jules knows her impact extends far beyond the students in front of her.

“It’s my small way to try and make a difference for people," she says. "Especially with my kids; I feel like if we all had this information when we were three instead of thirty-three, what a difference it could make.” Through yoga, Jules is teaching her kids tools to deepen their empathy and connect with their breath using moments of mindfulness. 

Jules’ credits most of her joy and curiosity in teaching to an early mentor, Robert “Rig” Rigamonte. Jules saw Rig encourage his students to get curious and be aware of how their bodies were constantly changing and evolving, direction that Jules has used in her classes for all ages. Most importantly, Jules learned to make connections with her students. 

“At the end of the day, yoga isn’t brain surgery, so I teach my classes with a lot of humor, especially with people newer to yoga. I aim to know every single person in my class, to truly see them. Because in life, we all just want to be seen.”