Off the Mat with Vance


Vance jumped head first into a life of yoga; a month after first beginning his practice, he enrolled in a teacher training which began to dramatically change both his body and mood. 

“I was forced to think about things I had swept under the rug,” he says. In fact, he ended up coming out as bisexual through his first training, and says he has a better sense of who he is now. 

“I’m not so blown by the wind of what people want me to be or what people think I should be; I’m more solidly me. And I’m stronger, in every sense of the word; physically, mentally, emotionally. But I’m also softer, if that makes sense.”

Yoga has also helped him gain a new awareness of his body.  

“As a dancer, I was always aware of the body, but I never got into its intricacies. In dancing, everything is for show - for other people. In yoga, you’re not showing off for anyone, you’re getting into the nooks and crannies of yourself."

Not everything has changed for Vance.

“I still carry a lot of joy, which I did before yoga, and the way I treat people hasn’t changed. But the way I look at people has; my empathy is way up."