Why I Teach - Vance


“Yoga teachers are mood artists,” is something Vance heard from a fellow teacher, Dana Trixie Flynn and feels it describes the profession perfectly. A joyful presence in the studio, he views his role as a healer, and a visit to his class quickly confirms his vision. 

“My mission is to heal people through joy and intense introspection; to help people find themselves,” he says. "I’m just a facilitator. I want to present people with as many options as possible to stimulate their mind, body and souls.”

Vance originally started teaching yoga to support his acting career, wanting a job that helped people be healthy rather than slinging drinks across a bar. He quickly found it began to eclipse his acting.

“I’ve fallen so in love with it; it makes me feel so good and it’s so gratifying to see how it touches other people’s lives in such a meaningful way that for now, I’m just grateful to be able to continue riding the yoga wave.”