How Teachers Became Teachers - Carrie


Carrie was in theater school in Pasadena when a friend took her to her first yoga class. As this was before what would eventually become the current yoga boom, the class was held in a private house with a small group. “I remember thinking ‘this is good for me,’ but I was such an active person at the time - I was into sports like downhill skiing, water skiing, horseback riding, tennis and running - I felt like I wanted something more active. But I did think 'I need this, this is special, this will be back in my life.'”

Later, when she was living in Venice and pursuing an acting career, yoga studios began dotting the neighborhood. This time when another friend took her to a Bikrim class, she went back for more. “It wasn’t super hot and it was always packed with a great energy, and I loved it.” 

But after a serious car accident and long recovery left her feeling down on herself, she found refuge in a class with Steve Ross. “Steve has a gift of making sure he sees and connects with each student, and his class made me move and sweat and feel so much better.” She was hooked.

Her path from student to teacher was eventually helped along by something all too common in LA: traffic. The owner of the yoga studio she was managing called to say he was stuck across town and wouldn’t be able to teach his class. “When he asked if I’d teach, I remember feeling like I swallowed my tongue. He said 'you have a great practice, you were an actress, you’ll have fun! Just teach from your heart!’” So she did. 

When she finished, he was sitting at the front desk and smiling. He was right: she loved it and she's never looked back. Carrie went on to complete two teacher trainings locally and one in India, diving into a practice and spiritual journey that continues today.