Off the Mat with Carrie

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Carrie says yoga has softened her. “I grew up with a mentality that you have to go after everything, and I was very hard on myself. Yoga has given me the tools to be ok with imperfections and practice compassion and self-love with myself.”

“I believe we’re all beautiful beings,” she says, “but sometimes we mask that and we protect who we are out of fear, out of coming across too vulnerable or too weak. We don’t want to share a thought or feeling because we’re afraid of being judged. That’s us moving away from ourselves, and yoga provides a space for us to get back in touch with who we really are."

Before she started on her yoga journey, Carrie would have described herself as a wild colt. “I have a lot of energy, and when I was first getting into yoga, I almost had too much energy.  I needed to learn how to be still, because through the stillness is where the answers come. Before getting into my practice, I felt like I had to be forceful in order to get what I want. And of course you can’t just sit and think things are going to come to you, but sometimes you can demand it instead of welcoming it. I was demanding life to come to me the way I thought things should be, instead of allowing. And that’s really the yoga."