Why I Teach - Carrie


Carrie teaches to share what she’s learned from yoga. “Yoga brings out your best self. Not your small self, but your complete self. It has a way of mirroring the shadow side of you; the side of you that you label not good or that you don’t like. It has you befriend it, and holds space for you to take a look at that and not shame it, not make it good or bad, but to say hello to it, to know that it exists and to be ok that it’s a part of who you are. It gives you an opportunity to fall in love with your imperfections and know that those things you label as wrong, you wouldn’t be who you are if it wasn’t for them.” 

Carrie knows that as a teacher, it’s about the students in front of her. “When I walk into the room, I’m just the facilitator, the giver, who guides the students towards self awareness and opens the door so healing can happen. I believe the healing is coming through me from a higher source. I’m there to be of service; my job is to see my students, see what they need and take them to a place where they have a breakthrough. Whether that’s trying a pose they didn’t they they could do or sitting and silently meditating for longer than they thought they were capable of, I want them to realize anything is possible. But most importantly like Steve did for me, I want to all of my students to know they’re seen.”