How Teachers Became Teachers - Nick Demos

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Eighteen years ago, Nick was in search for the perfect body, which meant he was spending a lot of time at the gym. A dancer by training, when he peeked into a yoga class one day, he was intrigued. “I thought it looked sort of like dance,” he said, “and it looked interesting.” This being the early 2000s, the Madonna-fueled yoga craze was just beginning to sweep the Manhattan fitness scene and the first class he attended was packed. “I don’t really remember what exactly happened in that class, but I do remember feeling an immediate connection to myself. I felt there was this mind, body, spirit connection thing happening that I thought was super unique and interesting and I wanted more.”

He fell into a regular practice almost immediately, at first combining it with his routine of lifting at the time. “The ego side of me stayed lifting weights, but over time the attachment to the perfect body faded away for a more inside out approach. That’s what kept me coming back to yoga, connecting what the inside felt to what was happening on the outside.”

A professional move took him from New York City to Oklahoma, where he was determined to keep practicing but found limited studio options. “There were literally two classes a day in the entire city; either 9 am or 5 pm, neither of which I could make because I was working.” Taking the matter into his own hands, he built a space in his backyard, and started a daily practice with videos and self-led sequences. Eventually, he realized he needed to attend a teacher training to deepen his practice. 

“I decided to take a month off from my job and enrolled in a 200 hour intensive in New York,” he said, “and at the end of that month, I realized I didn’t want to go back to my job.” The training unlocked something in him, and he wanted to keep exploring, not with the goal of being a full-time teacher, but rather helping others connect to their innate creativity. “I tell stories professionally, and I found these tools and techniques were unlocking things creatively in me, and I wanted to help others access their own truths, their own stories.” 

After completing a second training, he began teaching regularly around New York City, in addition to continuing his creative pursuits. Recently, those pursuits brought him to Los Angeles (and SoulPlay!), where he’s continuing to teach and work on television and film projects.