Off the Mat with Nick

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Reflecting on an almost twenty-year practice, Nick acknowledges how yoga has touched nearly every aspect of his life. “It’s deepened my relationships with myself and others. It’s helped me shed a lot - a lot of negativity, a lot of habits that weren’t serving me. I used to smoke, I was a fairly big drinker, but over time those unhealthy habits naturally went away because the practice lightens you up, so you end up moving away from things that weigh on you.” 

Beyond surface changes, yoga has served Nick creatively. “It’s really deepened my work as a creative artist. The kinds of projects I’m drawn to now are completely different than the work I was doing before.” 

Comparing himself to the Nick who wandered into his first yoga class in the early 2000s, he says he’s mostly the same, with some key changes. “I’m just a more vibrant, connected version of the same Nick."