Why I Teach - Nick

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Nick doesn’t think of teaching as a job, but rather a calling. “I think you’re called to teach, otherwise you wouldn’t do it,” he says. "It’s not the most glamorous job in the world, but it’s a calling to guide others to their highest truth, whatever that may look like. They say the path to enlightenment is different for everyone; for some it’s very quiet and for others it’s very vibrant; every student is different.” 

He credits Will Duprey, who founded Hatha Vidya, as one of his most influential teachers. Following the hatha tradition, Will gave him a unique sadhana, which loosely translates to “song for the self.” The sadhana is a morning practice of asana postures, breath work and mantra meditation designed to assist in one’s personal growth. “Will gave me the sadhana, and it really transformed my life. Doing it every single day creates a commitment and consistency that changed my whole life.” 

In his own practice, what he’s looked for in teachers has changed over time. “What I wanted and needed early on is very different than what I look for now,” he says. “I tell my students in teacher trainings not to worry about being good - you teach to those that you are ready to teach, and those that are ready for you will find you. In my practice, I look for authencitiy and uniqueness in teachers, as well as a depth of knowledge. As I’ve gotten older, it’s far less about the asana and more about the subtle body aspects, and the pranayama and meditative aspects.”