How Teachers Became Teachers - Bianca Bloomfield

Bianca’s first took a yoga class less for the benefits and more for the college credit. “I was studying film and English at Connecticut College and I needed an elective that fit into my schedule." Her first class didn’t leave much of an impression. “I don’t know why, but I can't really remember much of it and I don’t think I liked it.”

A few years later, when she was training for a half marathon and looking for a cross-training workout, she gave yoga another shot. But the practice didn’t really stick until after she moved to LA to write children's television and was in search of a community. “My first year in LA was really hard, and one of the only things I enjoyed was yoga class - I would schedule my whole day around it. When I realized that, I started to wonder and get curious about why this practice was so helpful.”

Her curiosity led her to her first teacher training program, which she took without an intention of becoming a teacher. “I was open to teaching, but mostly I just wanted to learn more about the practice." In her training, she found a wealth of information she wished someone had given her years earlier. “That’s what led me to teaching kids yoga - it offers them a whole toolbox to connect with their bodies and regulate their emotions that’s so incredibly useful early in life.” 

Switching from a career writing television content for kids to teaching kids yoga seemed like a no-brainer. “Once I started teaching, it felt like a passion and a calling. And now I use my writing to write meditations for kids, and am thinking about developing some yoga-based media content. So in a way, it’s all coming back full-circle.”