Off the Mat with Bianca

Outside of the studio, yoga has helped Bianca stay present with her emotions. “For me, a big part of practice is meditation - on a good day, I meditate three times a day, and that has been transformative. When I’m able to be present with whatever I’m feeling, to be reflective instead of reactive, that’s when I feel the effects of the practice. Yoga has also taught me how important breath is and how manipulating your breath can change your whole perspective.”

Going from a college student looking for a convenient elective to a full-time yoga teacher, she has also seen shifts in her asana practice. “When I started, I never thought I’d be able to do a headstand, even against the wall. Now I’m able to do things I never thought I’d be able to do, and there's always farther to go. And really it’s a metaphor for life; if you keep at it, things move forward and things eventually change.”

Over the years, she’s been able to understand and use her practice in ways that have changed how she moves through the world. “I know myself better, and I credit that to yoga. The thing it’s helped me the most is shutting off the monkey mind, turning off the need to be so controlling and shutting down my self-judgment. Of course those things exist in me, but my yoga practice has helped me deal with them and given me a portal into self-love and calm."