Why I Teach - Bianca

Bianca acknowledges Ellina Johnson as one of her most transformative teachers.. “She approaches yoga from a deeply spiritual perspective and helped me explore my own spirituality, connecting me with a greater power I try and bring into my practice.” She also recently began studying with Sue Darling, who has opened her up to Iyengar Yoga. “Her classes feel therapeutic, and through deeply holding poses and exploring breath work, I think she’s made me a better teacher." 

As Bianca teaches both kids and family classes, she has different goals for each. “I teach kids to offer them a way to connect to their bodies, emotions and spiritual world. Growing up, I felt incredibly disconnected from my body, and I love that yoga helps kids be present in their bodies and regulate their thoughts and emotions.” For her family classes, she knows it’s rare for the whole family to have time with each other nowadays. “I think yoga is a great way for families to bond and come together, especially for young parents. I really focus my family classes on equally giving fun things for the kids to participate in, like songs and games, while also making sure I give the parents a chance to reconnect to their bodies and get a workout in.”

A natural planner, she’s learned to use her practice to help her stay present. “I think the most important part about being a yoga teacher - especially with kids - is being in the moment, and that’s been my biggest growth. I love to plan, but I’ve had to learn some days have to throw it all out in the middle of class and lean into whatever needs or energy is popping up in the moment.”