Off the Mat with Marcella

Coming from a competitive athletic background, yoga has helped Marcella stay centered. “I have a quality of presence and a connection I don’t know I would have without my practice,” she says. “It gives me the sense that no matter what’s happening on the outside, I can always come back to my breath, always check my feet are still on the ground and I am able to locate where my contentment is.”

Practicing for over twenty years, what Marcella gets from her practice now is different than when she began. “I’m amazed how the practice and system of yoga can meet you at any stage - I’m continually in awe of this discipline that’s so ancient and has been transmitted by so many different teachers can keep you on your toes whether you’re in your teens or in your 90s," she says. "There’s a place for every age to meet that connection to what’s happening in the moment, and I think that is what is so incredible about this practice."