Why I Teach - Marcella


While it hasn’t always been yoga, Marcella has always been a teacher. “You know when you are growing up and you know that you don’t know why but something always keeps coming back at you? For me, that was teaching,” she says. “I’ve always taught something related to my body - I love the process of breaking something down so the person in front of you gets the sense of passion you have for it.”

Once she began teaching yoga, she saw how her teaching went well beyond the mat. “My teaching is more about how movement informs the movement of your life. How putting your foot in this position changes how you speak to your partner or how a certain pose might affect your whole day. It’s all connected, and that’s my passion.”

In her own practice, one of her most impactful teachers was Chuck Miller, who opened YogaWorks. “His practice, his movement and his heart are incredible. He taught me how strength can be soft and how when you really require a lot from students, it can be very compassionate.”

Marcella looks for teachers who are continually deepening their own practice. “I want  experienced teachers who are eternal students,” she says. “The giving and receiving of the practice - going to the source and sharing, that's what's key. I value teachers who share the anatomy and the philosophy that yoga isn’t just the physical practice, but who are able to speak to the eight limbs of yoga. Because yoga is so much more than the poses, it's a way of living.”