Let your kids get their Downdog on while you run errands or visit the Culver City Farmer's Market!

Just like for adults, yoga can be highly beneficial for kids of all ages.
Some of the benefits of starting an early yoga practice include:

• Improved attention & focus
• Motor skill development
• Ability to self-soothe & regulate
• Fosters a strong sense of self
• Nurtures self confidence
• Builds physical & mental awareness
• Cultivates compassion for self & others


Full of music, dance, silliness and, of course, tons of yoga, this class will bring both laughter and calm to your littlest yogis. They will learn basic yoga poses, songs, games, simple meditation and breathing and even learn SANKSRIT! A Downdog class will bring a giant smile to their faces and instill a sense of peace in their hearts.


This class invites your kids and tweens to learn yoga but in a fun and accessible atmosphere. We work on all the basics – sun salutations, meditation, pranayama, challenge poses and games but with a twist. Updog classes will leave them wanting more yoga in their lives and using the techniques both at home and school.



Meet the Instructor, Jules Hogan:

Jules Hogan brings her love for yoga and her passion for teaching to her kids yoga classes. A trained actress, former nanny and performing arts teacher, her extensive experience with children informs her highly original, UPDOGS and DOWNDOGS kids yoga program. No matter the level, Jules is passionate about sharing the amazing practice of yoga at the earliest of ages while guiding children into the awareness of body, mind and spirit connection. With ten years of teaching thousands of kids throughout Los Angeles, she emphasizes individual attention and safety while accommodating a variety of ages, needs and personalities. Let your youngest family members begin a life of healthfulness and balance while learning yoga and having fun!!

*Jules' trainings include Black Dog Yoga Teacher Training (200 RYT and 500 RYT), The Radiant Child, Mini Yogis, Silver Lake Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and now teaches other aspiring kids yoga teachers.