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Giving Great Voice Workshop


$40 per person
March 3rd, 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Giving Great Voice: The Art of Verbal Communication
Workshop with voiceover artist Tasia Valenza

As a teacher and speaker, Tasia shares the techniques that made her so successful in her career and life to help you do the same in yours. In addition to coaching groups and individuals, Tasia is the co-creator of the Haven affirmation app, which provides free guided affirmations, reminding us that how we speak to ourselves is the most important of all.

In this 3 hour class, you’ll learn how to support yourself in each scene in the context of your life, breathing techniques to support your voice, and working on our outgoing message to the world! Open your throat chakra, speak your truth, and connect to your most powerful communication tool... your voice!

Who can benefit from Giving Great Voice?

• Do you become anxious when speaking to someone of authority? Like asking for a raise or promotion?

• Do you want to shine in a job interview, social setting, or public speaking?

• Do you feel like others misunderstand what you’re saying or that your message isn’t landing?

• Do you have a hard time speaking up for yourself and would like to gain more confidence?

• Are you self-conscious of your voice and the way you sound?

• Do you want to be able to use your voice to inspire and motivate?

• Do you find that you "speak" harshly to yourself and need support developing a more positive mindset?

• Have you found yourself deferring to texting more than talking?

Come into Tasia's world and think like an actor: dive deep to understand our roles, in our speech to each other and ourselves. Who's the voice is in your head? Who started you on that path to think you're not smart enough, or successful enough? And how can we start you on a path to change that? Breathe the proper breath to support our lives, use our voice to achieve our goals, understand what it means to Give Great Voice and think like a voice actor. What would you like to say, and who would you like to say it to? Speak your truth.

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