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Women's Full Moon Ceremony


with Maria del mar Cervilla, Adriana D. Pinto and Leticia Archundia
$30 per person
Saturday, March 31st   8:00 - 10:00 pm

Come, enjoy and celebrate this full moon with a Healing Aztec and Mayan ceremony led with Crystal Alchemy Bowls, followed by a Soul Dance (free dance) to let you let loose, express your femininity and luxuriate in the power of the Goddess that you are.

Please wear something that makes you feel like a Goddess, bright, beautiful and shiny. Clothing that allows your body to breathe and relax and that is comfortable for dancing or doing simple yoga postures. No dance or yoga experience required!

We gather together as women to connect with the sacred energies of the Moon at its fullest. The full moon pours a huge amount of energy into the earth, and women used to come together to celebrate the full moon to feel centered and open. It has a way of multiplying your feelings and amplifying whatever you're going through. Learning to stay centered in your power while honoring your experience is the work of the full moon ceremony.

We honor this tradition from different cultures and come together in a circle of divine Goddesses to connect with Goddess Mother, our feminine power and our sisters. We help each other to raise our vibration to a higher level by healing, meditation, chanting and dancing together. We create a divine space to support each other to grow our spirit and set up new intentions for the upcoming month.

Awakening your feminine side -your Shakti - brings you a peace of mind, stillness, balance and fills you  with energy that you can share with your loved ones.

This  full moon in Libra reminds us that we are not alone and that great things are archived in collaboration with others. 

This is a very special time to work on relationships and attract people who nourish our life and our projects. Which power do you need to transform to make this happen? Use the energy of this moon to attract it.


Maria del mar Cervilla from Spain, healer and Quantum therapist, sound healer with alchemy
crystal bowls & Litios Crystals.

Alchemy Crystal Bowls are made from pure quartz, a vibrational transmitter that is used widely in modern day technologies. Combined with gemstones and precious metals, the bowls carry and amplify the vibrations of the metal, mineral and crystals into your system, down to your cells. The energies of the Litios Crystal and the sound waves of the crystals bowls align our body with the sound frequencies. They also impact the alpha brainwave, which is conducive to deep healing and meditation and with the intention of assist the dissolution of internal patterns, memories and energy blockages, suppression and manipulation of our divine energies as women and Goddesses.

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