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This workshop is hosted at SoulPlay, by facilitators outside of our community. We are promoting it here because we believe in this program but please note all registrations for the event are done directly through the facilitators, not through our studio.

What would it look like if it were easy?

If hustling was a thing of the past, and you could achieve maximum results with minimal effort?

If you felt abundant, inspired, and fulfilled in every aspect of your life, especially your career...

Ladies and gentlemen... Welcome to Alignment.

Whether you are self-employed or working for others, the truth is, all our personal and professional challenges can be traced back to our energetic alignment.

Are your goals aligned with your passions, joy, and values? What is your relationship with money like, and how is that affecting your ability to manifest and receive?

Here's something they won't teach you in business: INTUITION is your greatest asset.

When you are clear, aligned, and in your power, you are naturally primed for success!

Your ability to attract and manifest will skyrocket as you learn to become a conscious creator and active receiver for what you desire.

For over 10 years, Intuitive Business Coach and Energy Healing Expert Monique Evans has been helping employees, entrepreneurs, healers, and celebrities around the world align with their authentic path to success. Known for her exceptional precision and profound healing abilities, clients can get life-changing results in just minutes. This is definitely a unique and rare opportunity you won't want to miss!

In this fun interactive workshop, you will:

≫ Learn how to attract and maintain successful business relationships and generate more income

≫ Discover your authentic path to success based on your unique goals, values, and energetic alignment

≫ Gain clarity on your next steps and how to get there

≫ Learn how to use your intuition as a "superpower" in business, and maintain clarity, groundedness, and embodiment in the workplace

≫ Clear energetic blocks with a powerful Yuen Method group healing session

≫ Gain a quantum overview of the energetics of business, money, and power- and your relationship to them

≫ Learn Monique's proven method of Goal Alignment: The key to manifesting quicker and with more ease

≫ Set yourself up to experience more harmony and flow in your daily life

This is an intimate workshop designed for only 15 participants. If you are feeling the call, please register in advance. It will sell out!

(Please include your name and Email in the payment so we can send you a confirmation email)

Tickets Pricing:

Tier 1: $77 (until 6/24)

Tier 2: $88 (until sold out)



Monique has spent over 20 years in management roles for several highly successful global lifestyle brands while simultaneously discovering her innate intuitive and healing gifts studying a few key groundbreaking modalities.

Over the past 10 years she has combined her intuitive and energy healing abilities with her passion for business by introducing the Business Insight sessions to her company, Intuitive Freedom. She works employees, CEOs and celebrities around the world, assisting them in aligning their personal values & goals with the energetic harmonics that are continuously supporting us.

She believes that we each have the ability to heal ourselves from the illusions of limitation, whether in our personal or business lives, when we understand how to tune into our physical, emotional & energetic bodies, we can experience great freedom.

When she’s not working with her awesome Intuitive Freedom clients, she’s helping other conscious lifestyle start-ups, is the founder of SYRV (a nonprofit that provide clean water access in developing countries), an avid traveler, snowboarder, temperamental yogi, cultural & adventure traveler, tree hugger & beach baby at heart.

Monique’s Holistic Trainings & Certifications include:

• Holographic Kinetics

• The Template Sacred Geometry

• Foundation of Shamanic Studies

• The Yuen Method

• Avatar Courses - Avatar, Master, Integrity, Professional, Wizards

• Traditional Thai Massage

• Traditional Chinese Reflexology

Find out more or book a complimentary Discovery Session with Monique at

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If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact workshop producer Petra Hui at

We look forward to aligning with you!

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