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Finding Your Rhythm Hip Hop Workshop with LIVE DJ!


with Stephanie Luciano
Sunday, October 21st 2:00 - 3:30 pm
$20 per person

Connect your body to the beat with this high energy, barefooted hip-hop dance class with a live DJ!

Finding Your Rhythm is an upbeat introductory workshop that welcomes all bodies to break down hip hop dance moves into their most basic parts.

We will warm up and shake off any stage fright, learn a few 8 counts, and then bring it all together to the beat!

Combining fundamental rhythm, freestyle improvisation, and choreography from hip-hop's ever evolving urban styles, this class will send you off with sharpened body awareness and an extra dose of confidence to hit the next dance floor.

Engage your muscles, break a sweat, and get funky with it!

Arrive in comfortable clothing and a willingness to challenge yourself and have fun!

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