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Mind-Body-Flow Moving Meditation (FREE)

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Free Session with Christina Fitch
Every Sunday 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Studio 2

Are You Craving Inner Peace?

Mind/Body/Flow is a full body moving meditation that provides you freedom to listen to your mind, emotions and body.

The session begins with collectively chanting a mantra; this allows us to tune in through voice and breath. From there you will begin moving your body intuitively, asking your body what movement, if any, it needs to be its best. Listening is the most important part. There are no structured movements and this is not a guided yoga class - be prepared to move in any way you need to. It is all about LISTENING to that soft voice, your inner voice, and HONORING what it is asking of you.

Every question you have regarding your life; what is best for you and what actions need to be taken, are all inside you. This is a meditation that combines mindfulness, breath, and movement to help you achieve the ultimate connection to the Self.

So often we walk through life and do not pay attention to ourselves as a whole. We may have anxiety, body aches, depression or general unsettledness that we just cannot put our finger on, and we just push it to the side so we can move through life. But are you LIVING life by doing that?

All these sensations are your mind, soul and body talking to you and begging you to change something. Are you paying attention? Have you ever sat and asked you what you need, to be the best version of you? This meditation helps you to tap into your highest self, your unconsciousness; it helps you deepen your connection to you. The more you are able to honor and respect yourself, the more you will be able to honor and respect others. It all starts with YOU!

Be the change you want to see in the world. - Ghandi

Recommendations: Bring Mala beads if you have them. Bring a notebook and pen for any journaling that may arise. Dress comfortably.

Christina Fitch began her meditation journey in 2009. In 2014 she finished her Bachelors in psychology with a concentration on Mindfulness. In 2015 she completed her Reiki Master training. That same year she began seeing clients for life coaching and Reiki sessions. Her passion is to help individuals become in tune with themselves and help guide them to living their best life. She began facilitating meditation groups in 2016 in her hometown of Chicago before moving to California to begin grad school. Currently she is finishing her Masters in Spiritual and Depth Psychology.

Every Sunday 12:00 - 1:00 pm in Studio 2.

Check out a video of our moving meditation from a few weeks ago. Everyone doing their own thing. All together. Completely lost in the moment <3

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