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Mudras of the Goddesses Workshop


with Tammy Minton-Gitter

$35 per person
Saturday, May 4th   7:00 - 8:30 pm

Have you ever seen pictures or statues of goddesses and wondered, “What are they doing with their hands?” or “Does holding one’s hands that way have a purpose and, if so, what does it mean?”

Mudra… MUD “rejoice”, “unite” and RATI “pleasure”, “delight”, “enjoyment” Take pleasure in uniting with the Divine and become a living temple using the ancient Tantric practice of Mudra.

By placing the body, face, and hands in various “seals” or “gestures”, the practitioner creates specific physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual healing states that support all facets of life from the mundane to the transformative.

In this workshop, we will learn which healing states various goddesses are invoking and why, use the mudras as the entryway into those states, ultimately, connecting us to the energy (shakti) of each goddess.

Along the way, we will delve into the meaning and healing properties of each mudra, meditate on and visualize each goddess as we hold the mudras, and then learn or create a mantra or affirmation associated with each mudra and goddess based upon what we experience.

Take the mudra practice home, speak your mantra daily, and gain support in your life by developing your own personal relationship with the Divine Feminine within.

Tammy Minton Gitter is a 200HR RYT, Reiki 3 practitioner, certified Spiritual Emergence Peer Counselor, spiritual, mental and emotional health activist, and graduate of the Urban Priestess Mystery School. She is founder of The Prismatic Path, a business designed to provide innovative and energetic based self-care regimens for the emerging Soul. Tammy's journey to yoga and healing began at the age of 11 when various crises, including lived experience with Spiritual Emergence(y) or Transformational Crisis (when the process of spiritual awakening disrupts normal functioning), created a deep need for healing that went beyond therapy, dogma and religion. It wasn't until her twenties that she allowed divine intuition to lead and was guided to learn about, and ultimately rely upon, the ancient practices of yoga: with an emphasis on mantra, mudra, pranayama and restorative; energetic healing and Reiki, walking meditation; and others. 

 As a guide and disseminator of knowledge, Tammy is passionate about facilitating, creating and sharing safe, sacred space where she can assist and support others in discovering, exploring and navigating their way to an integrated way of living that honors not only the physical body, but the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies as well, ultimately, empowering them on their journey back to themselves and the home in their Hearts.

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