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Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath Journey

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Friday, July 19th 7:30 - 9:30 pm

$40 per person

Experience a powerful Yoga Nidra and sound immersion to access the heart center.

The evening will begin with Yoga Nidra led by Hilary Jackendoff to lead us into a deep state of relaxation in preparation for the sound bath by Helane Anderson. This promises to be a deep, transformative journey into our inward ways of being.

Yoga Nidra is an effortless form of Tantric meditation, practiced from a lying down position. Commonly known among yogis as a ‘meditation nap,’ it is a guided journey taking you to a deeper place than you’ve ever gone in a seated meditation, as you move easily into the state of conscious sleep. You will emerge from the practice feeling relaxed, refreshed and empowered, as though waking from a deeply restful and healing sleep.

Yoga Nidra facilitates the deepest possible state of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. In the state of Yoga Nidra, it is said that the body sleeps, while the mind remains awake.

This practice will pave the way for receiving a powerful sound bath with gong, crystal singing bowls, chimes, voice and other instruments to take you on a journey into the subconscious mind where deep healing and rejuvenation are possible.

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