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Ayurveda Workshop: Why Are you Getting Sick?


$25 per person

Ever wonder why you or the people around you have a tendency to get sick? When seasons change, they get sick; when temperature fluctuates, they get sick.  Even when they are under tight deadlines or under stress, they get sick.

Conventional wisdom would say they have low immunity. But how!?

Before racking your brain for those answers, we need to step back and look at our body, our mind and the environment around us as a whole system. These three elements are inextricably linked. This holistic approach to health is called AYURVEDA in Sanskrit, meaning Knowledge of Life.  As the original circadian medicine, Ayurveda holds the key to resolving dis-ease creating a disconnect. This 5000-year old ancient medicine offers the promise of a more harmonious future for the people and planet.

Ojus is the Sanskrit term for immunity. Ayurvedic scriptures describe how the food we eat and our daily routine affect Ojus as well as how to optimize one's Ojus. 

In this 1.5 hour workshop, Meng Gong, our in house Ayurvedic Practitioner will introduce you to Ayurveda and how this ancient healthcare system benefits you as a unique individual.

You'll learn about

- “What you eat defines what you are” - how to choose the right diet for the unique you
- “When you eat defines how you digest” – how to choose the right diet schedule for the optimal digestion and absorption.
- How to boost to your immune system according to Ayurvedic principles
-  Ayurvedic herbal supplements to kick off your immunity power.

Meng Gong is a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. She is the owner and lead practitioner at OM Herbal in Culver City. Meng graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU) in Whittier, California with certification of Ayurvedic Wellness Educator and Ayurvedic Practitioner and has been practicing in the university’s clinic since 2017 years.

When Meng is not in clinic, she enjoys giving ayurvedic lectures and workshops in UCLA, USC with students and yoga studios with her fellow yogi friends. Healing and nourishing is her passion of life.

Variety of body ailments that Meng is ready to help you with: digestive, skin, stress, anxiety, pain, chronic condition, hormonal and musculoskeletal.

Her mission:

  • To provide affordable alternative natural healing service to our community.

  • To Spread the preventive healthcare knowledge to raise public awareness. Prevention is more important than curing!


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