Please try to plan ahead and leave enough time for parking and walking to the studio from your car. Try to check in 5-10 minutes before class to get a spot in the room and get situated. If it's your first time visiting the studio, plan to arrive 15 minutes early to get your account set up and sign the New Student waiver. We know LA traffic is tricky but we value our students' experience in class. We will not allow entry to a class 5 minutes after it starts.


We work hard to provide a clean space for you to practice. Please help us keep it that way! If you borrow a mat from the studio, please wipe it down, roll it up and put it away after your practice. We provide mat wiping towels and cleaning spray in the cubbies at the back of the room. If you spill water, sweat or anything else on the studio floor, please wipe it up!


Cell phones are prohibited inside the yoga studio - this is your time to disconnect from technology. If you are a doctor on call or have another type of impending emergency, please let the instructor know that you need to place your phone by your mat (on silent/vibrate). In all other cases, phones are to remain with your belongings in the cubbies out front. If you're practicing in Studio 2, make sure your phone is on "do not disturb" or completely off so it doesn't vibrate or ring during class.


You are here for you. Feel free to take class at your own pace - take breaks when needed or sit things out if you aren't feeling it. However, please try not do completely do your own thing during class. Instructors are here to guide you safely through a practice and it can be distracting to other students to have someone doing something significantly different. If you need to do your own thing for a majority of the class, the studio is available for rent at different times of the week if you'd like to come in and flow without restriction.


Savasana is the most important pose in class! Please try to stay through to the end of class. If you do need to leave early due to a prior engagement, please see that you give yourself a short savasana before you leave, and make your exit quiet so as to not disturb other students in class. If you know you'll need to leave early, please set up your mat at the back of the room.


Part of the yoga practice is about non-attachment and non-clinging. Store  your belongings in the cubbies outside the studio space so that you can focus on your practice without distractions. The door is locked during class if there is no one at the front desk - your stuff will be safe. Declutter your surroundings, declutter your mind.