SoulPlay Yoga is a community studio for every body. Our mission is to help you enhance your peace of mind, reignite your playfulness and build strength through conscious, mindful movement.


We are committed to supporting your wellbeing with our offerings of yoga and movement classes that invigorate, empower, soothe and restore your body and soul. We want you to breathe better so you can handle life’s challenges with more grace. We want to empower you to believe that you can achieve anything you desire if you stay playful and keep showing up for yourself. We are a safe and inclusive community, welcoming students of all ages, walks of life and levels of fitness and physical ability. We are your partner on the journey to a stronger, calmer, more connected you.

We invite you to ask, what makes your soul play? And to discover new joys each time you join us on the mat.



SoulPlay classes offer you opportunities to challenge yourself mentally and physically, so you can break through your own perceived limitations.


Our instructors bring their own creative authenticity to their classes, each with a unique way of communicating the essence of yoga philosophy and inspiring a connection to its deeper teachings that have the power to transform your life.


We care about your goals, your journey and your practice. We are committed to creating an environment that nurtures your growth, your healing and your safety.


We value restoration and rejuvenation, and we infuse our studio and classes with opportunities for you to wind down and find stillness in more introspective, quiet practices.


SoulPlay is an inclusive community of diverse people from all fitness levels and abilities sharing a comfortable, non-competitive, encouraging space.