Why I Teach - Cheryl


A trained trauma therapist, Cheryl knows the positive effects yoga can have helping people release what is held and stored in their bodies. 

“I teach because I believe in the healing and transformative possibilities of the asana practice. Yoga helped me change my life in profound ways," she says. "I was called to teach to assist others on their journeys.”

Cheryl credits her style of teaching as a blend of the styles she learned from her earliest teachers, Erich Schiffmann, Catherine McNamara and Ana Forrest.

“From Catherine I learned to love and accept myself, from Ana I learned the importance of strength and working through old patterns by releasing what no longer serves me and becoming fiercely honest with myself," she says. “And Erich helped me learn to lose everything I learned about asana yoga, trust and listen to my body and move from what it wants to express - something he calls free-style yoga - which is all about meditation and moving your body in ways that feel good.”

After founding the first yoga studio in Culver City, Cheryl has seen yoga explode both in Los Angeles and around the States. 

“With yoga’s increased popularity, some people are coming to class with an idea that yoga is primarily about power poses and arm balances,” she says. “I encourage people to let go of what they think might make an advanced yogi and truly move from the inside out.”