Why I Teach - Kate Stone

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Kate has always been interested in how the body works and how to maximize its potential, and teaching yoga has allowed her to share this curiosity and exploration with her students. 

“I think most people don’t really know how they’re supposed to move around in their bodies or how badly they feel because they’re just not treating it with the movement it deserves,” she says. "I want people to get more in touch with what they can do.”

Kate recognizes the power inherent in fully utilizing our bodies and aims to unlock this potential in her students. “For me personally, I’ve always wanted to use every inch of what I have and use it up completely. We only get this body for so long, and it’s so powerful when we can use every inch of ourselves."

She credits this interest to her first teacher, who sent her home with a folder full of anatomical illustrations of yoga poses and started her on her path at age twelve. When she entered her first teacher training at Core Power Yoga, her teachers Charlotte and Megan demonstrated a strong and dynamic teaching style, coupled with a knowledge of the body that has shaped how Kate approaches her classes. 

Ultimately, Kate aims to build personal connections with her students to help them get out of their heads and into their bodies. “For me, I love teachers who know enough about the body to get me into and out of things safely and in a way where you’re not overwhelmed with instructions about the technicality or placement of the body but you’re also given enough direction so you’re not thinking about your grocery list,” she says. “It’s a tricky balance; having enough to think about what you’re doing to stay present, but also trusting the person knows enough about what they’re telling you to do so you can let go of how that’s happening.”