Geoff's Story

In 2009, Geoff was going through a divorce and thought yoga might help him with the transition. At first he wasn't practicing regularly, but quickly noticed he felt more centered and positive when he maintained a consistent practice. 

Things began to really change when he signed up for a gym membership and met a number of yoga instructors who challenged and inspired him to commit more deeply. In one of his classes he also met Nathania, who would go on to own SoulPlay, but at the time was just another student struggling through poses alongside him. 

When Nat eventually began the teacher training program that put her on the path to becoming a yoga teacher and eventual studio owner, Geoff watched her transformation and knew he wanted to take a teacher training program when the time was right. Soon, things opened up for him at work and he found the time he needed to begin his own journey.

“I knew it would be a lot, but it was way more than I expected,” Geoff says. Continuing to work full-time throughout training, every spare minute was spent reading, writing, and practicing. 

“It was extremely challenging, but it changed my life in almost every way. It helped me become more present, let go of the past and stop worrying about the future. The training helped me become a better person by inspiring me to ease up and let go of things that bother me, and even changed the way I eat, drink and what I do.”

About halfway through the training, Geoff got a call asking if he could sub for a sick teacher at SoulPlay early the following morning. At first unsure if he was ready, his teachers assured him he'd be great and he hasn’t looked back since. 

In addition to his Friday morning class at SoulPlay, Geoff now teaches corporate clients including Hulu and PlayStation, as well as private lessons. 

“I look forward to teaching, and I love seeing the positive changes in my students.” Grateful for the positive changes yoga brought to his life, Geoff is glad to be able to help students going through struggles of their own.