Designed for beginning students, those returning to yoga, or anyone who is looking for a gentler approach and a review of the basics of the physical practice. Emphasized instruction on the basics of poses, breathing, yoga fundamentals, and relaxation of the body and mind.

Yoga Basics



A class for ongoing and strong beginners looking to challenge themselves. Emphasized instruction for sequencing together of poses, transitions between postures and basics of the salutation practice.

Level One


For intermediate students with solid understanding of postures. Instructors give options for taking the postures up or down a notch. Students must know their physical limitations. Emphasis on longer holds, more complex sequencing, salutations, and basics of inversions.

Hatha Flow



Mixed level classes that emphasize linking movement and breath. These are Vinyasa classes that include sun salutations, dynamic movement and creative sequencing. A comprehensive practicewitha slower warmup an cool-down. Classes may offer an exploration of inversions and arm balances. These classes are open to all levels but basic experience with yoga is helpful (beginners, consider trying Yoga Basics first). 



These classes are similar to the all levels vinyasa flow classes, but take it up a notch for those who want to work, sweat and build strength. These classes may include more complex sequencing and transitions. Open to all levels, but basic experience with yoga is helpful. 



The yoga postures you know and love, enhanced with resistance bands for a deeper stretch and greater activation of muscles groups that rarely get worked in yoga - like biceps and glutes! Work that booty!



This all levels class is the perfect way to end your week, with a combination of fluid movement and restorative held postures. Relax your body completely with dynamic stretches set to calming ambient beats. Expect a strong start that will allow you to unwind and move through any built up stress, followed by a slow deep releasing yin practice. The goal of this class is to balance your energy, soothe your soul and get you ready to play all weekend! 



Gentle Yoga is an all levels class (beginner and prenatal friendly) that builds some gentle heat to lengthen and awaken the body and closes with a more relaxing, restorative series of postures to unwind and release stresses from the week.


Pre & POST natal Yoga

A beginning level yoga class with supplementary instruction on safe, nurturing, pre-natal self care. This class also has an emphasis on strengthening key body parts such as the pelvic floor, back and arms for an easier delivery and quicker post-partum recovery.


Therapeutic Yoga

A gentle practice adapted to serve the needs of the student. In this class, you will learn tools for self-care. Adaptation of postures, breathing, visualization, and relaxation make up this class. Increase your breath awareness, strength, flexibility and emotional well-being.



No matter the level, we are passionate about sharing the amazing practice of yoga at the earliest of ages while guiding children into the awareness of body, mind and spirit connection. Classes emphasize individual attention and safety while accommodating a variety of ages, needs and personalities. Let your youngest family members begin a life of healthfulness and balance while learning yoga and having fun. Classes take place on Tuesday afternoons- drop your kids off and go wander around the Culver City Farmer's Market! Classes are for kids ages 3-6 and 7-12.


Full of music, dance, silliness and, of course, tons of yoga, this class will bring both laughter and calm to your littlest yogis. They will learn basic yoga poses, songs, games, simple meditation and breathing and even learn SANKSRIT! A Downdog class will bring a giant smile to their faces and instill a sense of peace in their hearts.

This class invites your kids and tweens to learn yoga but in a fun and accessible atmosphere. We work on all the basics – sun salutations, meditation, pranayama, challenge poses and games but with a twist. Updog classes will leave them wanting more yoga in their lives and using the techniques both at home and school.


Yoga for Exceptional Kids

A fun and playful class designed specifically for children with special needs. It will improve strength, flexibility, focus, confidence, motor coordination and body awareness as well as connection to self and others. It is designed for children with a variety of diagnoses including Autism, Down's Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly, Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD, Learning Disabilities as well as other developmental disabilities. It is also for children without a formal diagnosis who are having difficulties with sensory processing and/or attention to tasks as well as follow through and task completion. Each session will be specifically guided to benefit each child. The material is based on Yoga for the Special Child (the Sonia Sumar method -


Slow Deep Stretch

Yin style yoga with long holds to facilitate deep release and increase flexibility. A slower class with deep, intense sensation to stretch into your connective tissue and fascia.


Restorative Yoga

A restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five or six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends. This is a very relaxing class with not much physical activity - think of it as a nap for the soul.


This is an all-levels class dedicated to getting you standing on your hands! No matter your level of experience, you will learn core, shoulder and wrist strength and mobility exercises and will work on your handstand technique at the wall and in the middle of the room. No prior handstand experience necessary, but come prepared to get upside down and prepared to have some fun!



This drop-in class is held twice a week and is open to everyone, for those who are new to meditation and those who have been practicing for years. We have the capacity to have authentic, intimate relationships but it comes alive with practice. This happens as we learn to be purposefully attentive, in the present moment, with ourselves and one another.

 This class teaches present moment awareness and compassion based practices designed to create calm, centeredness and access to your true authentic self. Each week we will explore a new teaching such as fear, limiting beliefs, self compassion, loving difficult people, equanimity, stress/anxiety, relationships, thoughts/emotions, parentingetc.  Mindfulness will help you peel back the layers of your conditioned self so that more joy, clarity and happiness prevails in your life.  Each 45 minute class opens with a Mindfulness teaching then flows into a sitting meditation practice. Feel free to drop in to this class anytime. We provide backjacks, mats, bolsters and blankets.