SoulPlay Yoga offers a wide variety of classes - whether you're looking to build heat and sweat, luxuriate in a slow, deep stretch or if you're brand new to yoga and would like to start with the basics. Our yoga is practiced in a non-heated room, though we have large skylights that allow for natural warmth to fill the room. Check out a description of our classes below. You can find when each of these is offered on our class schedule.



Mixed level Vinyasa based classes that emphasize linking movement and breath. Expect creative sun salutations, dynamic movement and fun sequencing. A comprehensive practice with a slower warmup an cool-down. Classes may offer an exploration of inversions and arm balances. These classes are open to all levels but basic experience with yoga is helpful (beginners, consider trying Yoga Basics first).

Perfect for when: You want to move, breathe and flow, or you're new to yoga but you're adventurous and willing to be a little lost (don't worry, we'll help you!)

Goal: Get your heart pumping, move a lot, bliss out at the end.


is an inclusive yoga class for seasoned practitioners, 50 and older, who want to practice classical asana and sequences in a way that recognizes and celebrates the changes in their bodies. Taught by skilled and accomplished instructor Cheryl Moss, this mixed levels class will include warm up, attention to joints and connective tissue, and positions that improve strength and flexibility. Students will move from position to position more conscientiously, listening to their bodies more deeply. Personal attention will be given and modifications will be offered depending on each student’s specific needs, so that each is supported in continuing to practice at the level they want.

Perfect for when: You want to move a little more slowly and learn to take appropriate care of your changing body.

Goal: Honor your body's innate intelligence, and ultimately embody the rich wisdom of this stage in life!


A fun, upbeat class with elements from yoga, dance, barre and sculpting workouts. Set to exciting beats, you'll tone and sculpt abs, buns and arms and work up a sweat! Use your own body weight, exercise bands and cardio drills to fuel that sweet body burn and feel strong, capable and ready to conquer the rest of your week!

Perfect for when: You're feeling fired up and want to step out of your yoga zone for that little extra love.**

Goal: Tone, sculpt, sweat, laugh and burn those glutes, abs and arms! Feel strong all year long!


This relaxing candlelit evening class is slow and juicy. Poses are held for several minutes to facilitate deep release, increase flexibility and are often supported with props. This is a slower class incorporating Mindfulness with deep, intense sensation as you stretch into your connective tissue and fascia. This class will leave your body feeling loose and with a peaceful & tranquil mind!

Perfect for when: You need to tune in and quiet down.

Goal: Quiet your mind. Reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, improve your life!


A class for ongoing and strong beginners looking to challenge themselves. Emphasized instruction for sequencing together of poses, transitions between postures and basics of the salutation practice.

Perfect for when: You’re newer to the practice and want something more challenging than a Basics class, or you’re looking for specific instruction on poses but are ready for a little more flow.

Goal: Start to explore new possibilities in your practice and gain confidence on your mat.

+ Metabolic Effect (HIIT Workout)

A high intensity self-paced workout that torches calories, gets your heart rate up and works up a sweat! In only 30 minutes, this workout will get you burning fat for up to 48 hours after with body weight movements (squats, lunges, etc), dumbell and resistance band exercises to make you feel strong and accomplished!

Perfect for when: You want to push yourself a little. Sweat, move, squat, lunge and BURN! Perfect for ALL LEVELS! No prior experience necessary.

Goal: Burn fat, improve your conditioning and get super fit!


An all-levels yoga class (beginners welcome) with supplementary instruction on safe, nurturing, prenatal self care. This class also has an emphasis on strengthening key body parts such as the pelvic floor, back and arms for an easier delivery and quicker postpartum recovery. Babies are welcome in the class up to 6 months (or when your babe is mobile).

Perfect for when: You're at any stage of your pregnancy, you've delivered and are cleared to resume exercise, or when you've got a newborn and want to show him/her how Mommy finds her balance.

Goal: Strengthen key muscles for delivery and recovery, ease muscle soreness from pregnancy, relax, breathe and feel supported.


Your breath is your powerhouse! This class is dedicated to helping you transform yourself through your breath.

You will explore specific breathing patterns to improve focus, calm your mind, decrease pain, strengthen your core and improve your mobility - your ability to move and use your body through its full capacity.

Join Primal Coding founder Kristina in a class where the breath takes the lead and the movement follows.

Perfect for when: You're up for a challenging but low-movement class, and for when curious about how your engrained patterns of movement are holding you back.

Goal: Become aware of your own patterns, and create new patterns that will better support your movement. Get clear, get strong, improve focus and learn tools to help your physical yoga practice, and to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.


A restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five or six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends as you deeply relax your central nervous system. This is a a passive class - you will release and surrender into postures without any physical exertion.

Perfect for when: You adore the art of relaxation, you need some gentle self-care and quiet time, or when you need to take it easy but still want to connect with your body and breath.

Goal: Relax deeply and let gravity increase your flexibility slowly.


Yin style yoga with long holds to facilitate deep release and increase flexibility. Poses are held for several minutes and are often supported with props. A slower class with deep, intense sensation as you stretch into your connective tissue and fascia. This class will leave you feeling loose and blissed out!

Perfect for when: You want to dig deep into those muscles and really feel the stretch, when you need to slow way down or when you're new to yoga and want to start with something a little less active than Basics.

Goal: Release and breathe deeply, build flexibility.


Hatha Flow class that slows down the flow to help maintain conscious control of breath, build resilience and intensify your practice. Slow Flow links unhurried breath with movement and mindfully holds postures to awaken the body and observe/clear the mind. These 90 minute classes start with intelligent opening of the body, abdominal/ core work, vinyasa, and a luxurious unwinding in deep stretches. You will explore and fine tune each posture at a comfortable pace allowing your body to deepen into a stretch or pause in strength building poses. Instructors give options for taking the postures up or down a notch. This class caters to intermediate students who know their physical limitations. You will enjoy creative, more complex sequencing, sun salutations, and the basics of inversions.

Perfect for when: You want to warm up slowly and have time to dig a little deeper.

Goal: Experience the poses deeply and luxuriate in a full-spectrum class.


These classes are similar to the all levels vinyasa flow classes, but take it up a notch for those who want to work, sweat and build strength. These classes may include creative, more complex (and exciting!) sequencing and transitions. These classes typically include working on your arm balance and inversion practice.

Perfect for when: You want to challenge yourself with new postures and transitions, you're in the mood to work hard and have fun or when you're someone who doesn't take things too seriously!

Goal: Sweat, strength, flow, play.


This all levels class is the perfect way to end your day, with a combination of fluid movement and restorative held postures. Relax your body completely with dynamic stretches set to calming ambient beats. A strong start allows you to unwind and move through any built up stress, followed by a slow deep, releasing yin practice.

Perfect for when: You've had a long day and you need to unwind before bed, or you want to move but also to marinate in slow, deep, yummy stretches.

Goal: Balance your energy and soothe your soul.


These classes cover the fundamentals of yoga for beginning students, those returning to yoga, or anyone who is looking for a gentler approach and a review of the basics of the physical practice. Emphasized instruction on the basics of poses, breathing and relaxation of the body and mind.

Perfect for when: You're brand new to yoga, you want to review the basics to improve your foundation or you're just in the mood for a structured, foundational class.

Goal: Learn or review the basics while taking it slow.


A fun and playful class designed specifically for children with special needs. It will improve strength, flexibility, focus, confidence, motor coordination and body awareness as well as connection to self and others. It is designed for children with a variety of diagnoses including Autism, Down's Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly, Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD, Learning Disabilities as well as other developmental disabilities. It is also for children without a formal diagnosis who are having difficulties with sensory processing and/or attention to tasks as well as follow through and task completion. Each session will be specifically guided to benefit each child. The material is based on Yoga for the Special Child (the Sonia Sumar method -

Please contact us to determine if our program is the right fit for your child.


No matter the level, we are passionate about sharing the amazing practice of yoga at the earliest of ages while guiding children into the awareness of body, mind and spirit connection. Classes emphasize individual attention while accommodating a variety of ages, needs and personalities. Let your youngest family members begin a life of healthfulness and balance while learning yoga and having fun. Classes take place on Tuesday afternoons – drop your kids off and go wander around the Culver City Farmer's Market!

This class for kids aged 3-7 will bring both laughter and calm to your littlest yogis. They will learn basic yoga poses, breathing techniques, games and simple meditations! This class will bring a giant smile to their faces and instill a sense of peace in their hearts.


This class will start with a Yin Yoga practice to release tension held in your body and help you melt into your mat, and will end with 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra; also known as dynamic or yogic sleep.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful healing and restorative practice that works as a “reset” button for your nervous system, bringing you to deep states of calm and relaxation. It is a progressive guided meditation that begins with a body scan and takes you deep into the center of your being.

Perfect for when: You're exhausted and really need a good night's sleep, or need a deep relaxation reset. Did you know that 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equal to 3 hours of sleep!? Well it is!

Goal: Rest deeply. Learn to ride your slower brain waves into an altered state of awareness where you meet yourself in new and revolutionary ways. Transform, transcend and awaken.