Dr. Ramirez received a Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA where he became a nationally certified personal trainer for UCLA’s Recreation Department.  While there, he discovered the benefits of Eastern Medicine during a trip to China. After graduating and driven by a passion to help others, Dr. Ramirez earned a Master’s of Science degree at SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine where he elected to take advanced training in Korean Sasang Therapy and became one of the inaugural members of the Association of International Saam Acupuncture.

With an emphasis on the study of the classic medical texts Dr. Ramirez translated most of the first Acupuncture textbook, Huang Di Nei Jing and later wrote a dissertation on the treatment of inflammatory disorders using the ancient protocols described therein.  This work earned him a Ph.D. in Eastern Medicine. Dr. Ramirez is also a supporter and member of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Dr. Ramirez offers several treatment modalities including:

Acupuncture | A medical art involving the painless insertion of needles into acupuncture points on the body to treat disease and pain.

Electro-Acupuncture | The addition of electrical current to further aid therapeutic effects.

Moxibustion | The relaxing and healing herbal heating treatment of Eastern Medicine.

Cupping | The tension relieving use of suction cups to relax muscle, increase blood and lymphatic fluid circulation.

Eastern Medical Massage (Tui Na) | The manual technique of Eastern Medicine involving the use of myofacial release and various massage techniques to treat disorders.

Herbal Medicine | The sophisticated use of herbs to treat disease, also used to boost and strengthen the body.

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$110 per 60 minute session
Wednesdays starting in June

INTRO OFFER FOR FIRST TIME CLIENTS: $80 for a 60 mn acupuncture treatment