Off The Mat with Tammy


Tammy credits yoga with much of her growth since initially walking into her first yoga class in her mid-twenties. 

“It has truly formed the foundation from which I now live my life,” she says. “It has taught me no matter what is going on, I am responsible for myself and my life and that I can breathe through life and be centered. When I move from my center of self, life flows a lot more easily.”

Through yoga, Tammy has learned to listen to her body. 

“I use asana and restorative yoga, as well as energetic healing to deal with stress, anxiety and depression,” she says. "I’ve also learned to honor myself within my practice and within yoga. With all of the messaging around what a yogi is ‘supposed’ to look like, it’s easy to get off-track. But I listen to myself and what my body needs and honor those needs above all else.”

Though yoga has helped her bring about a host of changes in her life, ultimately it’s highlighted the essence of her being, which has been there all along. 

“While yoga has helped me find my voice and I’m more at peace with being who I am, at the end of the day I’m just more of who I’ve always been,” she says. “Through my practice, I’ve become more accepting of myself, which has allowed me to be more accepting of everyone."