How Teachers Became Teachers - Maire Rose Pike


Maire-Rose took her first yoga class in college with a kundalini yoga club on campus, but it wasn’t until she was in her mid-twenties and living in New York City as an actor that she began her vinyasa practice in earnest. 

“I was always doing a lot of movement and dancing and meditating,” she says. “But my return was very much a need to find a spiritual practice and a psychical outlet for the stress of moving to a new city. I was auditioning and doing improv and working in restaurants and bars; it seemed so much of my existence was self-centered and it’s lonely to be in survival mode all the time - I was looking for a community.”

As her practice grew, she began noticing positive shifts in her life and wanted to help others connect with the tools she found through yoga.

“I just had this feeling that I wanted to be doing something that served or helped people. I wanted to share a practice that had been beneficial to me." 

She completed her first teacher training at Laughing Lotus in New York in 2010 and later moved to Los Angeles to continue acting, teaching, and generally enjoy life in the sunshine. She's been teaching at SoulPlay since 2014 and currently leads classes for students at every level.