Off the Mat with Maire Rose

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Maire Rose credits yoga with helping her find compassion and patience, both for herself and others. 

“I think that if we’re able to be soft with ourselves and look at our own limitations and the things we come up against, it’s a lot easier to sit with other people and understand everyone’s got their own journey.”

She’s quick to add her practice is an ongoing process. 

“I’m not always great at it! I get impatient, but I’m also more forgiving of that, in myself and in others. There’s sometimes a thought we always have to be in a good mood or “on,” but giving yourself permission to make mistakes and acknowledge them is a big thing,” she says. 

When it comes to being self-conscious, yoga has helped Maire Rose overcome self-doubt. 

“It’s definitely made me more joyful. I’m never really embarrassed or wonder what people of think of me; I’ll dance and sing down the street and it doesn’t make me feel ashamed. I love that, and it's a freedom I’ve gained through my practice."

With all her changes, she also acknowledges she’s very much the same person she was when she began this journey. 

“I’m still very curious and I still really yearn for community. I still want to be in a place of fun and discourse with people about these things that interest me. And I’m still super creative - that’s what drew me to this stuff in the first place. My mind is always looking for fun, new opportunities to do stuff I’ve never done before."