How Teachers Became Teachers - Tasha Rose

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When a friend asked Tasha to join her at a yoga class in 2003, she went along but didn’t know exactly what she had signed up for.

“Before that first class, I had no idea what yoga was,” she says. "After I had been practicing for a while, when I looked back on that class I realized it was actually really hard, but at the time I had no frame of reference, so I was just trying to do everything. After class was over, I was like ‘whatever this is, I need it.' I was hooked.”

Growing up, Tasha had never thought of herself as particularly athletic, as she didn’t play sports in high school or college. But when she encountered yoga for the first time, she loved how it made her feel. “It just felt so good to be in my body and stretch, and the second it started happening I knew I needed it,” she says. “It was just that; a need. It wasn’t even a want.”

After practicing steadily for about six years, teachers began approaching Tasha asking when she would begin teaching. “I just kept saying no, that I just wanted to practice.” But when three separate friends asked her if she would teach them privately so they would be prepared for their first yoga classes, Tasha realized she liked sharing her practice. “After the third friend, I was like ‘I’m going to have to charge you.’"

Tasha went on to complete her teacher training in Boston in 2011 and moved to Los Angeles shortly thereafter. She’s been teaching at SoulPlay since the fall of 2017.