Off the Mat with Tasha

Outside of the studio, yoga has helped Tasha deal with life's inevitable challenges. 

“It’s given me an outlet for greater sanity just to know and trust that whatever is happening is going to pass; nothing lasts forever. It’s also helped me realize I’m strong enough to handle whatever it is, especially if I can remember to breathe.”

After practicing regularly since 2003, Tasha has seen the impact of her practice on how she lives her life. “I feel like I’m much more aware of my thoughts and my breath, and I take much better care of myself.”

Even though she sees many changes, she still recognizes much of the same Tasha who walked into that first class almost fifteen years ago. 

“I’m still the same person, 'same same but different,’ as they say in Thailand,” she says. “I’m older and wiser but I still don’t know nearly all the answers. The more you know, the less you know - and I guess I’m not stressing about that. I know I don’t have to know everything.”