“There is a spiral and unspiraling from the outer to the inner self, emotionally, physically, sensually and because of this the woman/mother is afforded the wondrous opportunity to know her child intimately from conception.” - Wendy Teasdill


MAMAS!! Yoga is a magnificent tool to help you create and maintain physical, mental and spiritual health during this transformative time, for yourself and the being developing within.

The practice of yoga prepares the breath, body and mind for what might be considered the greatest physical marathon of a lifetime. Breathwork and physical postures can help raise your energy levels, as well as calm the body and mind. Yoga contributes to a better night’s sleep - even more important when you’re growing a human!

A healthy yoga practice can help you build confidence and faith in your own body, encourage circulation, better respiration and help combat fatigue. A strong and healthy mind and body can lead to a fast recovery after delivery. So many reasons to practice!

Please check with your doctor to make sure you are cleared for yoga and exercise during your pregnancy.

Want a community of awesome women to practice with?
Our pregnancy yoga classes are open to expectant moms all over West Los Angeles, Culver City and nearby neighborhoods, as well as moms with their infants up to 9 months of age (or when they start crawling).