Why I Teach - Alex Joy

Alex Joy wants her students to trust themselves. 

“A good yoga teacher teaches instead of instructing,” she says. “A lot of teachers can put together sequences and tell people what and how to do things, but I want to empower and inspire my students to move beyond the simplicity of a sequence and find things for themselves.” 

A self-described “anatomy nerd,” Alex loves the diversity of the human body and its capabilities, and shares that energy with her students. She thrives on the wide range of body types and abilities of her students, and wants everyone to leave her classes having found their strength and an appreciation for their body’s power. 

“I teach to help people find a greater sense of wholeness and connection to themselves,” she says. “At the end of the day, my goal is to teach students in a way that will keep them practicing into their 80s and beyond. I want my students to stay curious within themselves, constantly observing and discovering the complexity of their beings."