Off the Mat with Alex

A former dancer, practicing yoga and meditation has changed Alex Joy’s life. "Yoga has taught me to have compassion for myself in a way no other form of movement ever had,” she says. Living with a neurological disease, it has also allowed Alex see her body’s capabilities in a new light.

“Being able to see my body and have compassion if I can’t do a certain pose has been powerful. I realized it doesn’t matter how much I can master certain poses. What matters is knowing I've shown up and challenged my body, breath and mind.”

Practicing yoga has also helped her extend her compassion to others. 

“I love that every body is unique, and I love the diversity of my classes. I love helping people dealing with whatever challenges they're facing in their lives, and giving them the tools to find balance.”

Ultimately, this is what yoga is all about. 

"Practicing yoga and meditation is a way for us to live mindfully, listen to our bodies and find balance every day."