How Teachers Became Teachers - Erin Haynes

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After moving to Los Angeles, Erin worked on the Ellen Show, an exciting job that came with a grueling schedule. Working over twelve hours a day often left her feeling frantic and stressed, and the idea of balance seemed a distant dream. 

Which is why when her team brought in a 70 year-old woman who could do a Scorpion pose for an episode, she was immediately struck by her calmness and serenity. Spending the day filming with her, Erin caught her first glimpse of what quality living looked like, and she was determined to find something similar for her own life.

When she found herself between entertainment jobs, she used the time to quickly immerse herself in yoga, signing up for a two-week unlimited deal at a local studio. She found the space and community she was looking for; over the next couple of months, yoga quickly became paramount and when she saw a teacher training program offered at her studio, she knew she wanted to enroll. 

As she couldn’t afford the full cost, she asked if she could volunteer at the studio in exchange for a discounted price. At the time, the studio didn’t have space for another volunteer but a week before the training was set to begin, Erin’s phone rang. 

“I was on the freeway when they called and said they had an opening,” she says, “and I just pulled over and started bawling. It was a week before Christmas and it was the best gift ever."

Erin experienced a huge transformation during yoga teacher training, and went on to become pre-natal certified. She now teaches pre and post-natal classes around Los Angeles and at SoulPlay every Thursday from 11:30 - 12:30.