Why I Teach - Erin

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A pre and post natal yoga teacher at SoulPlay, Erin loves seeing her students progress in their practice and create community among her classes. 

“The best yoga teachers have empathy, open hearts and an open mind which acknowledges poses look different in every body,” she says. “It’s important to honor that everyone is doing the best they can.”

“At the end of every class, I have my students give themselves a big hug and thank themselves for everything they do, everything they’ve done and everything they will do. Then we breathe in our self-love and they put their hands on their bellys to send their babies that love and gratitude and thank them for being such a great partner.”

It’s important for Erin to help her students prepare for labor and after birth care, both physically and mentally. And when students bring their newborns to class, she finds they quickly get used to the space and can feel the positive energy created by their moms.

“It’s been such a gift to assist women in gaining confidence and strength at such an important time in their lives, and a bonus is getting to meet and hold their babies while they watch mom take care of herself!"