Why I Teach - Rachel

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Rachel teaches to give people the same solace she has found in her practice. “I know yoga and your mat can be a real safe space for people,” she says. “My students come from all walks of life and you never know what someone’s dealing with, and I love giving people that time just to be with themselves.” 

She also hopes to serve as a model for what a yogi can look like. “I’ve always been confident in my physical appearance, but when I started teaching I came up against some negative thoughts because I didn’t necessarily look like other yoga teachers. I want to empower people to be comfortable in their bodies and show people you can look different and be a yogi.”

Mostly, she just feels grateful for what yoga has given her and aims to pay it forward. “I’ve had so many teachers in my life that have changed how I view the world and have saved me and brought me back to life, and I hope I can do that for others. I want to use all the gifts I’ve been given and pass them along to my students.”