Off the Mat with Rachel

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Before getting into her practice, Rachel used to experience anxiety and panic attacks and had trouble simply being with her breath. “Now I can feel myself breathing naturally and coming to a place of calm, focused breath." 

Yoga has also helped Rachel recognize the importance of self care. “Some days that means taking a bath or reading a book or doing a mini facial, because I know I can’t take care of others unless I give myself a solid foundation; you can’t give if you’re empty.” 

Beyond taking care of herself, yoga has also opened up how Rachel sees the world. “Teaching yoga can be a really difficult profession. At first, it was hard to say this is the path I’m going to commit to, because it isn’t the norm. But now I can't imagine doing anything else, and I feel so lucky to be able to pass along these gifts I was given to my students. Going into this uncertain world you have to trust your gut and heart. I end all my classes in gratitude - we thank ourselves, our bodies and we hold space for anything else we’re grateful for. That daily practice of gratitude has really changed my outlook on life; it’s taught me it’s ok to try and fail, and it’s generally taught me how to be a better person.”