Bodywork and Spa Treatments with Jade


Growing up in New Orleans, Jade was the kid who always wanted to help. “My grandma suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and my grandpa suffered from migraines,” she said. “I spent a lot of time at their house, so I would massage my grandma’s knees or hands, and over time I became really interested in how touch heals.”

After graduating and working at hotels around the city, Jade would regularly book massage therapists for guests at the hotels. Seeing how these professionals made a living from their practice sparked her interest in looking further into the career and eventually led her to enroll in massage therapy school. When she decided to move to Los Angeles, her grandmother encouraged her to use her training to help support her as an artist.

“What I thought was going to be a temporary side hustle turned into a full-blown career,” she says. “I was always so interested in how the body works, I kept diving into more and more trainings and kept expanding my services.”

One of her first jobs in Los Angeles was at the Wellness Spa, which is why she was excited to return when SoulPlay recently expanded and took over their space.

“At SoulPlay, I’m offering my signature sports massage and body work,” she says. “But because we have a shower, I’m also excited to be able to offer really fun body scrubs and wraps. I have a full-body steamer on-site, which takes the services to a completely different level.”

She sees clients from all walks of life, and especially loves working with mothers who are prenatal and postpartum. “I really like sitting with a new mom and hearing about their birth experience,” she says. “I was also trained as a doula, so I can use essential oils and really cater to what’s best for their bodies.”

While she loves how her work transforms the lives of her clients, she’s also grateful for the space it gives her. “This work is my calling because it keeps me sane and grounded,” she says. “I get to focus on helping someone and where they need healing, and in turn I get a quiet pause from the outside world.”