SoulPlay Weekly Warrior: Mini



1. Why do you practice yoga, what does it represent to you, and/or what impact does it have on your life?

Being an artist and entrepreneur, staying in a peak mental and emotional state to create and deliver meaningful artwork for my collectors and gallery shows is essential. Yoga, both the poses and the spiritual philosophy are important to my creativity and help me stay balanced between all the roles I play, creator, business owner, wife, friend and daughter to name a few! I believe that your external life is a reflection of what's going on internally so I value the principles and insights I learn on the mat to then take them off and into my art.

2. What's your favorite pose and why?

Frog (Mandukasana)! It's definitely one of those stretches that helps me change my perspective. I can feel my mind and heart opening up, along with my lower body. Whenever I feel like I'm getting too much in my head or feeling some heaviness in my hips, I'll bust out Frog. :) 

3. What's your favorite thing about practicing at SoulPlay?

I found SoulPlay during a time I was in transition. My husband and I had just moved to Los Angeles and was moving my art studio from Orange County. I felt really ungrounded and since my artwork is really physical and involves having a studio space that is zoned for fire, I was looking for activities to ground me. I tried SoulPlay's two weeks unlimited promo and converted to a full membership right after - I love their location, they are right down the street from where I live and they're in such a cute spot in Culver City! I found a great community, a variety of classes and I LOVED the teachers - being guided by Brooke, Vance, Natasha and Raja (you must try her Thursday Slow Deep Stretch/Yin class!) helped me get centered and grounded until I found a wonderful studio in Los Angeles. If you haven't tried one of their sound bath events, please do. I brought my parents there a little while ago and we agreed that it was a truly healing experience! 

4. What is an “aha” moment from your yoga practice?  

In Raja's Thursday Slow Deep Stretch class I have had so many "aha moments" – despite the fact that Yin is a slower-paced practice it is one of the most challenging because the stillness forces you to face the thoughts in your mind. It takes me a while to drop into the practice when my mind quiets down but Raja is an excellent heart-driven teacher who creates such a welcoming space. It's one of my favorite classes at SoulPlay! 

5. 3 words that describe you?

I don't know about 3 words but the message of my heARTwork (that's what I call every piece I create regardless of the medium) is that "we are better together." I believe we are stronger in togetherness and this journey of life is more fulfilling and rich when we help each other in accomplishing our dreams. "We are better together" is the idea that drives me and my work as an artist.