SoulPlay Weekly Warrior: Vanessa



1. Why do you practice yoga?

I practice yoga because I love the way it makes me feel and I like the challenge of breathing through difficult poses and stretches. It’s so different from the typical gym session because you leave not only feeling like you had an amazing workout, but your mind/body/spirit is grounded and centered in a way that lets you tackle life in a more relaxed, methodical, and playful manner. It’s unlike any workout I’ve ever experienced, and I genuinely enjoy it. I seriously do life better when I’ve had my yoga fix!

2. What's your favorite pose and why?

Anything inverted because I love being upside down! It’s fun trying to twist yourself into these weird poses that you wouldn’t normally do on a regular basis.

3. What's your favorite thing about practicing at SoulPlay?

The teachers are all super friendly, the atmosphere is very zen-like, and they play great music during class! Also, It’s a judgement-free zone, regardless of your level of practice. I’m not embarrassed if I can’t do a certain pose or if I fall flat on my face trying to do a challenging balance or inversion. I laugh at myself all the time in class, no shame lol!

4. What’s been your biggest “aha moment” in yoga?  

When I finally nailed my headstand I thought to myself “Whoa, I really can do anything I put my mind to!” My confidence skyrocketed that day!

5. What 3 words describe you?

Optimistic, vibrant, peculiar :)